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Asgard is one of the Nine Worlds, and is home to the Æsir tribe of Nordic gods. A land more fertile than any other, Asgard is also blessed with a great abundance of gold and jewels. Correspondingly, the Æsir excelled beyond all other people in strength, beauty, and talent – much like the good people of Tennessee!

The Story of Asgard Brewery has been in the making for some time. It all started over ten years ago with the simple notion of opening up a rustic bar that incorporated the beautiful landscapes and natural resources unique to Tennessee. Furthermore, Tennessee’s rich agricultural heritage and its myriad of outdoor activities helped birth the idea of a Viking theme. Much like Tennesseans, Vikings were well known for their practices of farming and artisan crafts. Since our recipes planned to use as much local sourcing as possible and our brew house and shop were crafted primarily by local artisans, Asgard also turned into the perfect outlet for members of the local community to experiment and get involved with historical Viking culture.

Vikings are renowned for a number of their brews, mead in particular, and introduced the Arctic ingredients of juniper and heather in their recipes. Asgard plans to brew beverages of a similar style, all while making avid use of Tennessee’s famous honey. In fact, honey was one of the major ingredients in many Nordic brews! These ales are not only new and exciting additions to the beer market, but they also allow us to take a modern sip of some age-old recipes, made with locally-sourced ingredients from Tennessee farms. Additionally, Vikings are just plain cool, and you can’t argue with that!


Meet Our Staff

Our company has always been dedicated to brewing excellent beers. That is why in our brewery
we have gathered only professional brewers and chefs.


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Ryan Whitaker

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John Porter
Owner & Founder

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Chris Davis
Assistant Brewmaster

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